The size of these mammoth creations printed in 3D is buzzworthy on its own, even before you add other interactive aspects that can heighten their appeal even further. The enthusiasm around large-format 3D printing is infectious, which is why we’re seeing so many new applications for it across the visual communications 



Grab interest

The revolution is in how fast they can now be made with a large-format 3D printer, not to mention the unlimited creative freedom. 3D printing such gigantic pieces dramatically reduces production hours, so retail stores can take an idea from concept to display in record time.


Generate excitement

If you’ve ever run a marketing event or set up a stand at an exhibition, you know that the primary goal is to grab attention. Standing out from the crowd is crucial, and that’s where the size element of large format 3D printing pays off.


Close the deal

Every once in a while, a new technology will come up and disrupt an entire industry. In the case of large format 3D printers, it seems to be disrupting multiple industries. The stunning results achievable with large format 3D printing across retail, exhibitions and entertainment spaces make it clear that we are entering a new age of visual communications.

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